Sunday, October 31, 2010

Side Bar: “Can Revit Do it” Post

This has been floating around for a while, so I figured I’d give it a shot….

AUGI- "Can Revit do It"

The key to this one is that Revit Won’t make a Surface from closed loops when doing any sort of loft. So I tried a few things an came up with a technique that will give me one continuous surface that has a continuous UV grid.  I was able to accomplish it, but I wouldn't say it was easy and Revit seems to break down without the ability to use lines as rails.  I would say this is about 10 times easier in most tools, but its good to keep the mind nimble.




You can see if you simply use a loft the surfaces get divided into quadrants.



Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sidebar: Diva for Rhino: Radiance

For those of you that are interested in using Radiance for daylighting analysis make sure you check out diva for Rhino.  It takes a lot of the work out of managing and creating radiance inputs.  I’ll be putting together some videos as part of my project in the near future showing a Revit workflow, but for the time being check out their website and videos.


Google Earth to Civil 3d….Actual Demo

Here is my long delayed first video for my little project.  It simply shows the workflow between Google Earth and Civil 3D …